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A working-class mother and tenant advocate

As a single, disabled mother living in Downey for over a decade, I have worked odd jobs to raise my two sons. I have fought as hard as I can, but when I lost my job and couldn’t make my rent, greedy corporate landlords tossed me and my children out on the Downey streets. Believing that my local representatives would help, I went to the City Council asking for some help, but all i got was a cold response telling me to call some other government number.  I worked tirelessly and was able to get me and my family back on our feet. My experience as a struggling working mother makes me strongly sympathetic to the plight of hundreds of families in our city. 


That is why I founded the Downey Tenants Union, a grassroot non-profit organization that advocates for the rights and general well being of Downey’s working-class families. The lack of sympathy by the current Downey City Council, forced us to raise our voices in the streets of Downey. We have held rallies, defended tenants facing eviction, and made our case for truly affordable housing to the City Council. Yet, the Council still refuses to do all that is possible to help families deal with abusive corporate landlords and the effects of COVID-19. It’s time for a real change. It’s time for a working-class immigrant activist to sit on the Downey City Council.  


When elected to the Council, I will fight for truly affordable housing policies—including public housing—so that all Downey families are secure in their homes. I will push for increasing the percent of the budget that goes to youth programs and senior assistance. I will fight for a Downey that empowers every person to achieve their potential, regardless of their income. I am committed to building a City that prioritizes the needs of working-class families. This is coming from a person who understands your struggles and is willing be the voice on the stand to improve into a greater reality. It would be an honor to earn your support. With your action of to improve into a greater reality. It would be an honor to earn your support. With your action of vote, i will able to change the illness in the city into wellness, because We are in this together.

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