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Improve Downey For All

In the city of Downey, there is a significant percentage of low-income people rate of 9.9%. Based on these figures, we could start doing after-school programs for the children of these families at the local schools. The program would be low-cost or free, depending on the income of the family. Children deserve the chance to help guide their futures. Another program would be to establish the indigent to have a bridge for the ability to reintegrate into society again to have a prospering lifestyle, so all residents may share the zenith that Downey has to offer.

Furthermore, a need for programs for people 18 and over with mental health problems. Creating an organization where they can seek the help they need without feeling displaced. As well to ensure a full-time job for all young people who live in the city. Necessary factors are adding WIFI to the parks, fixing the streets, correcting the lighting, and parking on the road.
change is possible if we do it together

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