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Principled Proven  Progressive

Originally from Medellin, Colombia, I grew up in Southeast Los Angeles. Like countless working-class Angelinos, my family frequently relocated to pursue The American Dream— until finding a place to call home in Downey, CA. In many ways, this triumph reflects my upbringing and character and symbolizes the power of true community.  Despite the overwhelming disadvantages, my Fortitude, Initiative, Authenticity, and Problem-solving vision has spoken to the people’s needs; I earned their trust and consequently resonated my message amongst the public.


Welcome to the official site of Catherine Alvarez for Downey City Council District 3. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding Catherine Alvarez for Downey City Council District 3 and how they are fighting for change and progress.



As a single, disabled mother living in Downey for over a decade, I have worked odd jobs to raise my two sons. I have fought as hard as I can, but when I lost my job and couldn’t make my rent, greedy corporate landlords tossed my children and me out on the Downey streets. Believing that my local representatives would help, I went to the City Council asking for some help, but all I got was a cold response telling me to call some other government number.  I worked tirelessly and was able to get my family and me back on our feet. My experience as a struggling working mother makes me strongly sympathetic to the plight of hundreds of families in our city. 


Delivering for low-income families

I was optimistic as it wasn’t the first time I struggled with poverty; simultaneously, I was sympathetic because I recognized other families were hurting due to the increased cost of living (pre-pandemic). I helped myself and organized tenants in my building, followed by other apartment buildings. We have used scientific research to support the social and environmental benefits of affordable housing, not just for tenants and landlords but for the entirety of Downey’s Economy. Early in 2021, I kept my promise, but my Council Collogues refused to support a rent stabilization ordinance. Rent stabilization is needed urgently because, scientifically, more pandemics are underway.

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I have kept my campaign promises of Economic Relief:

rent is out of control
rent is out of control (2)
rent is out of control (3)
rent is out of control (1)


Money talks, and although my proposals are centered on the community, I reiterate the importance of getting people involved. Our campaign won because people in solidarity sent a clear message, “we can defeat big money with just under $4000”. In 2020, the working-class funded a grassroots campaign and said no to big money and fluffy titles. Therefore, I am here and repeat my invitation to “join the fight for housing sustainability in Downey.” It has been with honor to have earned your vote and to have your continuous support.

Thank You!

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